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Here we examine the area of energy

harvesting for home applications.



What is Energy Harvesting?

Energy harvesting is the process of obtaining usable energy from natural and human-made sources that surround us in the everyday environment.

Energy harvesting includes such areas as solar, hydro, and wind power. These areas are well researched and have significant presence in the commercial sector. It is to these sources that many companies and countries have turned to build their renewable energy supplies.

And Energy Scavenging?

The area of energy scavenging however is a relatively newer area of interest. It follows the same basic principles of energy harvesting but on a much smaller scale.

Energy scavenging uses other possible energy sources including motion, vibrations, light, heat and radio waves. The amount of energy available from these sources is very small, however it is sufficient to power small sensors and wireless tranmitters in a data aquisition network.

Further information is available in the Background section.